We present them here!

Green Tea:

It is made from the freshest leaves of the bush or from new shoots that have not yet rusted or fermented. Green tea leaves contain many active ingredients including caffeine and several natural antioxidants.

Black Tea:

Made with aged leaves and stems of the bush, this brew has a 100% degree of oxidation. Amazingly, Black tea has natural cholesterol lowering properties.

Red Tea:

This blend is made with the same ingredients as the green tea. It then undergoes the process that heats and ferments the leaves completely changing the sensory profile.


Ginger is one the most consumed roots on the planet. It is rich in essential oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids all of which provide benefits to the human body.


Having been used as a sweetener for centuries, the leaves of the Stevia plant have a refreshing taste without a glycemic index, calories, or carbohydrates. Stevia leaves are 25-30 times sweeter than sugar but much healthier.


Considered a natural antibiotic, this plant has multiples uses and medicinal benefits. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, cardiovascular, and hepatoprotective properties that make it useful in the treatment of various diseases.


The rooibos plant appears to be the only known source of Aspalathin. This powerful antioxidant plays an important role in fighting various diseases.